The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★


This is a really brilliant dark and brutal Netflix original film with a fantastic cast to go along with it. While suffering from some pacing issues and at times issues with the story.

The main issues like I said that this film has is the story and the pacing. For the most part I really enjoyed Tom Holland’s half of the story and where it was heading. The other half of the story which included Jason Clarke wasn’t as strong and powerful as Holland’s half of the story but still very good. That what made the film had pacing issues. Jason Clarke’s half of the story wasn’t as interesting.

This film’s cast is amazing! Each one goes from very good performance to well Holland and Pattinson. When Holland showed up, this film became so much better.

Boy, his performance is just phenomenal, he seriously needs to do more roles like this, he is a phenomenal actor if you take the MCU out of him. He should be talked about for next awards season.

But, we need to have a conversation about Robert Pattinson. Let’s a proper sit down conversation. He shouldn’t be allowed to act anymore. He has just been kicking it out of the park recently. My “god”.

THAT scene in the church involving both Holland and Pattinson >>>> Dano and Day-Lewis church scene! Acting gold right there.

I don’t mind the narration at all.

This isn’t a film for everyone. In terms of what happens or with the pace of the film. But it’s a film for me definitely.


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