American Woman ★★★★

Wow, that is quite a range displayed by Sienna Miller in this heart wrenging indie drama. The pacing is slow but even and it works fine for me. Good cinematography too.

Sienna Miller is brilliant in this and she elevates the film to something really special. Perhaps my favourite performance by her so far. And I feel that she could have shown us even more if the storyline had focussed more on the pain and desparation that her character must have endured because of her daughter's disappearance.

Christina Hendricks and Will Sasso are also great. Aaron Paul again displays that his emotional range is that of a teaspoon.

Please can someone explain the title of this film because it does not immediately make sense to me. The drama that the protogonist lives through is far from typical for a woman (or man) living in Rust Belt America.

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