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This review may contain spoilers.

“the last time i trusted someone, i lost an eye”  .......i knew it
— and i KNEW carol’s powers would somehow come from an infinity stone i had no reason to think that i just had a feeling and i was RIGHT
— from “for emergencies only” to “where’s fury?” it’s safe to say that mid credit scene has me FUCKED UP for SEVERAL REASONS and i’m still SCREAMING ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!
— carol ‘avenger’ danvers !!!!!!!!!!!! BITCH BIRTHED THE MOTHERFUCKING AVENGERS 
— carol ‘avenger’ danvers
— did i mention: carol ‘avenger’ danvers 

seeing carol break free from the restraints the krees had put on her and seeing her blast her way through space, smiling and screaming “whoop!”, knowing no one could hold her back anymore from being her most powerful, authentic self has given me some kind of feelings that will stay with me for a long time. this woman sacrificed her safety for the sake of helping other people and to be apart of something bigger and more important than herself, despite being constantly told she shouldn’t and couldn’t, and then became the most powerful hero in the universe. this woman, all while simultaneously discovering who she was, who she is now and what she’s capable of, inspired fury to not only create a team of heroes, but to name them after her, and that is something i will never not be completely fucking obsessed with and overwhelmed by. she did it. she started all of this. i owe her everything

“I’ve been fighting with one hand behind my back. Let’s see what I can do when I’m set free.” 

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