florence πŸ’Œ

florence πŸ’Œ

obsessed with old hollywood and everything from the 60s?

Favorite films

  • Crooks in Clover
  • Charade
  • La La Land
  • Cinema Paradiso

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  • Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind


  • Mr. Deeds Goes to Town


  • Quai des OrfΓ¨vres


  • Hawkeye

Recent reviews

  • Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind

    Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind


    it's so interesting to see how much power natalie Β actually had as an actress and woman in hollywood during a certain time, because she's not usually the one you hear about. but she's had such an impressive career evolution, from dealing with the transition from child actress to being your own person in hollywood to choosing her roles and i'll always wonder what her career would have looked like had she lived:( like what kind of roles would she have…

  • The 355

    The 355


    was not expecting anything so no disappointment here, it did its job (being lame but entertaining and having sexy people in it)

    watching all the scenes i saw them film in paris 3 years ago was so COOL though i feel like a proud mom

Popular reviews

  • The Last Full Measure

    The Last Full Measure


    must a movie be good? is it not enough to watch sebastian stan go from a 3 minute screen time to his first leading role?

  • Bell, Book and Candle

    Bell, Book and Candle


    this is the perfect holiday movie, a mix of halloween with witches and spells and christmas in new-york, with a perfect cast you wouldn't necessarily picture in this kind of movie. kim novak and james stewart somehow reenact vertigo and jack lemmon is hilarious as always. it's such comforting atmosphere, warm and spooky and with the cutest cat ever