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  • Pulse



    Ambient noise that has been going on for just long enough to become your default zero reference point for silence, suddenly cuts off to a truer, deeper silence, a silence that is somehow infinitely more intense than just the absence of sound, like your sense of hearing has suddenly been thrown below the threshold into a realm of negative nothingness, and then, while you're still trying to come to terms with how unbearably loud this silence is, it's suddenly filled…

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  • Ferrari


    i fuckn hate cars, and the idea of racing them is insane to me, so a movie about exactly that, as well as a deconstruction of the mythos of probably the most iconic character of car culture into a deeply critical fable about power and capitalism, is definitely up my alley!

    (but also i can't shake the feeling that this movie is mann being painfully self-critical? it makes so much sense that an 80 year old man, who is something…

  • The Double Life of VΓ©ronique

    The Double Life of VΓ©ronique

    everyone talking about how warm and dreamy and cozy this is, yet my experience with this was that its most obvious themes are women's narratives being controlled and manipulated by men (and i mean, like, really obvious, the opera conductor, the puppeteer..), and how women in art are so often objects, narrative devices, means to an end etc. instead of fully formed human characters, and.. while this movie is too abstract and artsy and dense to just pull one fully formed theme out of it after just one viewing, it didn't make me feel warm and dreamy at all tbh

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  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    This is a very weird and specific piece of satire. It must be satire, right? ..right??

    (Spoiler, no, apparently it's not. At least not really. More like a very bad feminist take? Oof.)

    Anyways, the pulpy 70s vibes are off the charts and Samantha Robinson clearly has a blast playing the character and both is very entertaining to watch, so there's that.
    It's also very funny, although I was laughing nervously because for most of this I really couldn't figure out if it was genuine or not.

  • Possession



    Yes, yes, female autonomy is very scary

    --I'm kidding, that's not my take! (Although I think it's in there? Maybe?) I have no idea what raw, feral, psychosexual monstrosity I just watched. This wasn't what I expected it to be at all. I don't think it was anything anyone COULD expect.

    I could spend the rest of my night trying to come up with something to say here and still come up empty. Did I like this? Fuck dude, I…