Dunkirk ★★★★★

I am going to run out of pretentious words of praise trying to give justice to this film's brilliance.

Dunkirk is the kind of film that you have to experience firsthand in order to appreciate because the best part about it is the way it makes you feel. There was barely any dialogue; the narrative relied on visual storytelling accompanied by immersive sounds. At the very least, the soundtrack alone is enough to evoke an emotional response. That's how great it is.

Humbly done yet truly stunning, this film is a gripping masterpiece. The harmony amid the narrative, the aesthetics, and the music is GLORIOUS. The story is only about a single moment—a specific point of time, yet somehow Nolan found a way to tell it in a tremendously creative manner. The incessant ticking clock sound that is present in every scene [only on different tempos] is so powerful. I literally have to take a deep breath every time I remember this movie.

Dear Lord, please never let the Nolan-Zimmer combo part. Amen

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