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  • Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

    Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare


    katherine krueger hot

  • Sweet Sixteen

    Sweet Sixteen


    not particularly interesting and frankly i didn't expect it to be. but very happy to see a girl who loves detective novels and investigates shit, my favorite thing!!!!

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  • Mädchen in Uniform

    Mädchen in Uniform


    This movie is so refreshing. I'm a 19 year old lesbian, I haven't yet seen all lesbian movies that exist out there (sadly) but I've seen enough to know how the stories go. They tend to be directed/written by men, which may be fine for most people but it still feels uncomfortable to me, no matter how well made some of the movies are. They are still on my watchlist though because I can't really choose much. They also tend…

  • Possession



    what even is there to say... there's no amount of burnout and ppl using miss adjani screaming her face off as a meme or as the only movie made in another decade that represents Unhinged Women or whatever that will diminish the absolute perfection that this movie is. from the very first second when it simply slaps you in the face with the music, every line, every shot of despair and madness and confusion, everything. there's nothing like this and there's no one like zulawski to pull it out of the actors and his collaborators.