Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★

Charm, humor, and 70s nostalgia. Probably PTA’s sweetest film since Punch Drunk Love. The controversial age gap between the two leads will rile some people up. However this choice provides much of the comedy and allows us to see them living vicariously through someone who’s in a different stage of their life. Cooper Hoffman (Philip Seymor-Hoffman’s son) and Alana Haim (musician in the band Haim) shine in star making performances, their amazing chemistry is the reason to watch. Surprisingly, Hoffman doesn't wear make-up, we see his natural teenage pimples, adding to the realism.

An entertaining, beautifully shot coming of age tale, chaotically told, shifting from one location to the next. A film of moments rather than cohesion, I wondered whether Sean Penn and Tom Waits are even necessary. A stand out sequence involves a water bed delivery to a celebrity. Bizarre title, I’m reliably informed Licorice Pizza is the name of a Californian record store that existed in the late '70s and '80s.

Soundtrack picks:
Peace Frog by The Doors
Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day by Taj Mahal

Question: Your top 3 Paul Thomas Anderson films?

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