Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★½

Q & A with Noah Baumbach

Devastating. Emotional. Perfectly Acted.

There was a scene in Marriage Story where Adam Driver's Charlie and Scarlett Johansson's Nicole are in a small apartment finally opening up to each other and what starts off as a small chat grows into a furious back and forth of venomous proportions. That anger grows into Adam Driver on his knees sobbing into Scarlett Johansson on the floor. I was shocked. I was teary eyed and unable to watch. My brain couldn't process watching the scene and breaking down the UNREAL dialogue by the maestro Noah Baumbach.

Go watch Marriage Story. it again.

For anyone hoping or dreaming of making films; this is writing.

I asked Baumbach about the use of music in his films and Georges Delerue, both are absent in this film except for a reserved and subtle Randy Newman score. He talked about how needle drops in films have changed due to television and how this film just couldn't have songs in it or else it would've have changed the entire mood and feeling.

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