Tenet ★★★★

When that science lady in the beginning said “Don’t try to understand it” I really felt that.

Tenet presents a compelling concept that’s ultimately bogged down by Nolan’s ineptitude for screenwriting. He overexplains how time and inversion works in this universe, with characters repeatedly expositing the idea of an inversion of entropy. This concept is pretty easy to grasp the first time it’s explained (about 15-20 minutes into the movie), but he makes sure to repeat this explanation over and over again throughout the course of the film. In doing this, the plot becomes extremely convoluted because the entire film is burdened by constant exposition.

And while that may seem harsh for a 4 star review, it is only to convey how Nolan’s direction saves this film, as even with the shortcomings within the script, our reintroduction to familiar locations and setpieces is immensely gratifying.

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