Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

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This movie really made me want to see another Guardians movie and another Black Panther movie. And perhaps they needed a Scarlet Witch/Vision movie before this one...which I would've really enjoyed. This movie's humour actually worked a lot better for me than in Thor Ragnarok. Perhaps because of the Guardians's involvement or maybe because there was some emotional weight and repercussions to the other non-funny parts. But I laughed a lot in the first half especially. And I loved Josh Brolin as Thanos. Still though, they did their best to balance the 1000 characters in this. Some of them got the short shrift and I kept forgetting about them even being in the movie, and others I was sitting there during other scenes just wanting to get back to. It did start to feel draggy in the second half a bit. Maybe too many battle scenes.

Another thing this movie made me want was various Marvel characters doing one off with the Guardians. A whole movie of them with Thor or Iron Man or Spidey. That could be fun.

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