Corpse Party ★★★

Horror Hunt #25 (July 2020) Day (19) Watch any horror film made in the country of Japan.

This follows pretty closely to the anime as far as I can remember, but with less gore and feels a little more condensed...which I guess it is, cause the runtime on this is so much shorter. The shortness is really the only reason to choose watching this over the anime, because with the cutting that they did, it feels a little more...confusing, and a lot of the horrible, gory bits are cut down. Which could be good if you're sensitive to children being brutally murdered....anyway there is gore. It's cheap and it's a little too sparse (a bit too much offscreen too), but most of it is practical and gooey looking. And I guess it's a little more disturbing that kids are dying when they're played by real people rather than cartoons. I love the dreariness and cruelty of these movies but I also feel a little sad for a few of the characters. They just wanted to stay friends forever.

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