Courage of the North ★★

Wild West Summer 2020: Watch a Western not set in the American West.

A world where men are bland and the bad guys are incomprehensibly incompetent. A couple of mildly entertaining fist fights, one or two good stunts, and a lot of shots of bad guys making plans (that fail), but I guess this moves at a decent pace. It helps that it's only 53 minutes long. There's enough attempted murders and fist fights to keep you from getting completely bored. But let's face it, the dog (with help from the horse) are the main draw to this movie. The dog is so much smarter than any human and is rewarded in the end with a big, juicy steak. Now that's a happy ending!!!! ....and I guess the Mountie dude and the chick end up together or something...ho hum.