Deadly Manor ★★½

Daily Horror Hunt #23 – May 2020 Day 14. Be my guinea pig, watch a horror film from my watchlist and be sure to review it!

Decent enough build up with a great creepy house, nothing we haven't seen before, and a little slow. When the kills happen they're really bland and don't show much. But I was expecting this to get better towards the end, I mean the killer looked cool and there was an interesting set up to why people were being killed and they even threw in a dude running from the police. And it all went downhill fast. Pretty much everything that was set up went nowhere or was really underwhelming. Especially the reveal of the killer. I really didn't like the ending.

That being said, if they'd thrown in a couple of good kills, I could've forgiven everything. But they didn't. So it's a mediocre Euro/USA slasher with a disappointing ending.

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