Exit Wounds ★★★½

Film #8 of 30 of Scavenger Hunt #49

Quite the impressive cast...and Anthony Anderson.....with a whole bunch of stuff blowing up, slow motion fight choreography, a ridiculous shotgun on a belt scene, a dude impaled on a pipe, a face smashed into the inside of a windshield with the camera right outside, Tom Arnold is annoying, DMX is a computer dork who's also a kung fu master and a drug dealing gangster, Michael Jai White's smile makes him likable and evil at the same time, "Hey! That's Eva Mendes!", I swear I can hear Steven Seagal's bones creak every time he moves (which isn't fair because he's not even old at this point but he just doesn't look agile), "Look! That's Bill Duke!!!, I forgot how much I like Isaiah Washington. That dude's cool.

This feels like a long version of a McBain movie from The Simpsons but with probably better fight sequences. Or at least more entertaining. But the dialog sounds like it's been directly lifted from McBain and there is no way you can't think this movie is taking shots at other cheesy action flicks...or maybe they're playing it straight and it's really bad writing, but in the best way possible.