From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money ★★½

Daily Horror Hunt #23 – May 2020 Day 16. The days are getting longer - watch a horror with "light" or a light part of the day (morning, day, afternoon, etc) in the title.

Flirts with being a fun, over-the-top vampire flick, but too often pulls away from showing the gore and really doesn't have enough going on to keep it from dragging at points. Even towards the end when they finally start showing people melting or being run through by stakes/poles etc, it never feels that exciting and really goes too long. There were a few nice gore effects and bat effects, there were also a lot of stupid camera angles. I didn't hate this. It kept my attention, if sometimes right on the edge of tuning out, but there were enough fun moments interspersed through out. I think it might work a little better if watched with my good (estranged) friend alcohol.

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