Killer Campout ★★★

Daily Horror Hunt #23 – May 2020 Day 29. Two of my fave bands, The Killers and Creeper, drop new albums today! So watch a film with any form of the word "kill" or "creep" in the title.

At first I thought the crazy rapist, killer cannibal woodsman was eating the baby, but it turned out he was only gnawing through the umbilical cord. So that's fine.........

Good practical, low budget, spraying, insides falling to the floor, gore on a budget, but better than a lot of more expensive films. The kills are the highlight. And the ending goes slightly silly nuts. It's a wee bit painful getting to the kills cause if the killer isn't on screen, there's too much of people talking about their sob stories. I guess it helped make me look forward to their deaths though. Lots of nudity as well and an intro by H.G. Lewis. Which actually seems appropriate.