Ouija: Origin of Evil ★★★½

So maybe the actual "scary" stuff towards the end isn't really all that scary and has some of the usual crawling on walls and wide open mouths that many other horror movies have used in an attempt to terrify, but this movie does most other things right. Including taking time to get to know the family (the little girl is CREEPY!!), a slow build up where the paranormal actually seems wonderful at first and then slowly reveals itself to be malevolent, and an ending that managed to surprise me. The movie looks great and has tons of atmosphere and the period clothes actually had me feeling like I was in the time period....not that I actually lived at this time but...you know. Such a massive step up from the boring/sterile original movie and you can tell that it's mostly thanks to Mike Flanagan because it feels like it takes place in the world of Oculus. Heck the even have one of the girls from that movie in this one.

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