Taken 3 ★★★

Film #6 of 30 of Scavenger Hunt #49

I'm pretty sure that Liam killed some innocent bystanders in this movie. I also think the filmmakers actually believe that I have some sort of attachment to this family, based on the time spent on the soap opera level family drama at the start of this and the second film. I'm just here to see Liam use his "special set of skills" to kick bad guys' asses. I don't care about pregnancy or his relations with his ex-wife. Though I will give them credit for surprising me at the start of the movie. And there' s some total destruction set pieces that I had a lot of fun with. and a crap ton of stupid twists and turns. Then at the end the cops are all "you beat up a bunch of us, and caused millions in damage, and endangered civilians....but never mind. You're Liam Neeson, you don't have to follow the laws". Classic 80's dumb action movie made in 2014, meets The Fugitive. So yeah, I had a decent amount of time watching this. Dumb fun.