What the Waters Left Behind ½

1. It looks decent-ish. 2. the location is the BEST thing about this movie. 3. I would totally watch the documentary that the characters were making. The location and the story behind it are so interesting!

I just found out this was made by the same brothers that made the movie Abrakadabra, which I enjoyed, but upon further reflection, I'm not so sure these guys have an original idea in their heads. At least Abrakadabra was a giallo, a genre I enjoy so I was was very forgiving of it. WTWLB on the other hand, is a torture porn movie. A genre I hate. I'm too old and jaded to be grossed out by the torture in these movies, so I just feel really really bored while watching this genre, especially if the movie has nothing else to offer in way of story or interesting characters. Even the torture is not inspired at all. The actors are giving their all, but they're stuck in a movie that I've seen so many times before. But done better. I guess if you like this genre, and haven't seen many horror movies, you may enjoy this.

There was a point while watching this that not only did I want to turn it off, but I started considering not watching horror movies any more.

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