White Noise ★½

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 3 – September 2018

Day 5: September 5, 1951 Michael Keaton was born. We are watching a HORROR movie that he was in and it CANNOT be directed Tim Burton.

My List: boxd.it/1YonS

OK, I figure this will make some people want to revoke my Horror Fan Card but I just don't care about movies that feature EVP (I'm sure there's a couple of them I like but I can't think of any). Spending a good chunk of a movie watching someone sit and listen to squawks on their radio is not my idea of a good time. I can never quite make out what the voices are saying so I always have to take the word of the actor as to what profound thing I was supposed to hear. It's just not a very fun way to watch a movie and quite honestly, I just don't care. Ghosts in haunted houses or asylums or KFC's are cool and I can watch those movies all the time. Haunted radios on the other hand, just don't do it for me. And on top of all that, this movie is bland. Nothing much happens for most of the runtime and then towards the end it feels like they ran out of time/money and just came up with a silly ending...which I almost liked because it's so dumb. Maybe if they spent less time listening to recordings of static and tried for a couple of scares or at least some atmosphere, it might have been a decent movie. In other words, maybe if someone else made it. You could keep Michael Keaton for the lead though. Heck I even liked Deborah Kara Unger for the brief time she had anything to do.