Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★★

Damn, this is one intense and satisfying thrill ride from start to finish. From frame one, I was completely hooked watching Don't Breathe. This movie delivers on so many levels. The performances are pretty solid and the characters were actually very solid for a horror movie. Jane Levy and Stephen Lang definitely stand out the most here, putting in really awesome work, especially Lang who stole the show. Fede Alvarez directs this movie perfectly, with such thought out framework that really deserves notice. The score, cinematography, and story were also great. Although low on gore, this movie delivers in other ways such as being intense as hell throughout, and also having a few really good jump scares and using sound and lighting so damn well to create tension. The only thing worth mentioning negative is that the characters make some really dumb decisions, like even for a horror movie. But other than that, I had a fantastic time watching this movie. One of the year's best and definitely recommended.

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