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  • Stalker



    Damn. Wizard of Oz got dark. & Staliny.

    Trio of bedraggled Soviets, search for,
    forbidden magic genie chernobyl,
    amidst scifi landscape, that looks like,
    Fritz Lang hate-directing Orwell.
    Gorgeous betrudging masterdystopia.

  • Anima



    There will be Blood on your Radiohead

    Thom Yorke & Paul Thomas Anderson,
    thom up thomful thomcrazy thomery.

    Even more visually/sonically operatic
    & batshit than expected. More please.

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  • Daimajin



    remember Neverending Story? wished
    bigrockguy would smash allthethings?

    No? ...Thinking it now? Yeah. Enjoy.

    Giant stone samurai, goes a Godzilla,
    all over the asses, of ancient Japan.

  • Rango



    'An American Tale: Fievel goes WTF'

    Neurotic pet lizard Johnny Depp, in a
    creepy desertcritter saloontown, with
    narcoleptic newt love interest, gun-tail
    rattlesnake, & bat-riding bandit-moles.
    ...Utter, adorable, fuzzy nightmare fuel