Hereditary is a great movie. It is in fact one of the best directed movies released in a while, because Ari Aster (a new name of course, talking about what I experienced here) knows how to handle horror, and not only horror but he knows how to frame and how to tell a story with images. His shots are very moving, very powerful, you feel subtlety in every corner of the frame. He builds tension top notch. There are some travellings that blew my mind. The cinematography, insane. There is an exquisite work on the darks and it's contrats. I felt that this is the kind of director I like, he approach to things in an spectacular way.

So, what happened between me and Hereditary? First of all, I didn't get scared, but that's not an actual problem. Despite it separating, from scrath, from your typical horror movie by just looking at how it's framed (and with an INCREDIBLE first shot), as it reaches half way through it falls into occultism and spiritualism, and I realized that the story was the same as any other, but the director was different. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it extols Ari Aster even more, but has some of those "cliche" situations where someone says he can talk to ghosts, then nobody believes him, he proves them wrong, then we realize that some old diabolic god is involve with the family's legacy, and so on.

Aster handled most of the movie incredibly well because he was making an amazing use of ambiguity, going from one place to another, ellipsing often, confusing the viewer to make him feel he wasn't quite with both feet in reality. And all of this, in my opinion, was perfect for this movie, because of what it proposes in it's already mentioned insane Hitchcock worthy first shot. But instead of sticking to that mistery and that feeling of desperation and dispair, it becomes explicit. The sum of this made me feel off, like I was watching something inconsequential (despite how harsh that sounds).

I'm aware that if I would have been able to properly connect with Hereditary, this review will be different because it is a very good movie. It is, in the end, one that I admire in many aspects, but at the same time it pains me to say that it is one I disliked in some others.

And of course I'm very willing to watch it again some day, because Ari Aster definately has incredible talent.

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