Annette ★★★★

(3) Very Good

Music, a celebration: this is what the prestigious opening of "Annette" suggests to us. But is that really what this is about? Leos Carax is a box of surprises and it is not wonder that he changes his reasons along the way. Music as critic? Accuser of the overexploitation of the media, of the consummation of its heroes; there is no lack of reflections. This is the great genius of the filmmaker, in the meticulous reunion of arduous issues camouflaged in excessiveness. Now, to greet the intelligence of writing would only be to greet half of this electric fresco. From a screenplay co-written by The Sparks, Carax was able to erect a true audiovisual symphony with harmonies that are no less than - quite simply - lively. From less successful combinations to improbable treasures the image knows how to revive the eye by surprise, its taste for life. Perhaps less revolutionary than his previous "Holy Motors", it is nevertheless a flamboyant and colossally irreverent spectacle.

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