It's a Sin ★★★★★

I am at a loss of words for this tv show & that very rarely happens!

Russel T Davies has managed to create a phenomenal and poignant story around the Aids crisis of 1980 in the UK

The acting from every character on that screen completely captivates what this disease had done to not only the individual themselves but the family and friends that surrounded them

Anyone who watches can empathise and understand even a small percentage of the fear & uncertainty these young men went through

The way these young men were treated and looked at as if they were second rate individuals within society is soo immoral, wrong and frankly disgusting - it made me weep almost every single episode.

I hope people sit down, watch, learn & understand how this disease that was first seen as joke or fake news to scare gay people has left an all important mark on our history.

Im just soo glad that as a gay man in this day and age there is things in place to protect and help people, giving them a fulfilling life - something that these young men were not soo lucky to have. 


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