Nope ★★★★½

Jordan Peele has done it yet again! 

NOPE managed to find the right way to build up suspense & tension, which at times felt unnerving i was on the edge the entire time completely hooked from the get go!

I think we all believe there is something out there beyond us and Jordan Peele has certainly managed to captivate this but pushed it in a different direction where it feels more grim than happy

The scene at the Jupiters Claim just completely blew me away & the anxiety i felt made me a bit more uncomfortable than i expected.

The casting of Keke Palmer & Daniel Kaluuya as sister & brother was fucking genius - their characters transcend above the screen!

While Brandon Perea plays the UFO fanatic soo subtly that his character made me resonate with him and what may or may not be out there within the universe

As always with Jordan Peele’s movies there is always something else under the surface wanting to be pealed away & with each watch im sure to spot or feel different things than on my first time.

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