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  • Plane


    My man Gerry doesn't get the respect he deserves. Here he carries a whole movie that, for the most part, feels like it was written by an algorithm, because it's all signifiers with no content. Like the algorithm said "these films have scenes with people in a control room, so put one of those in every five minutes" but the people in the room don't have any character or really do anything. And then the algorithm gets confused at the…

  • Avatar: The Way of Water

    Avatar: The Way of Water

    I guess this caught me on a good day because despite considering the original movie basically nothing I had a great time with this. I think it helps that it's such a pure representation of Cameron's obsessions (being in the sea, the family unit, and huge boats sinking).

    What's interesting though is that there's also a George Lucas-like quality to this; people love to wax lyrical on the concept of "modern myths" both ironically and un-ironically in our current, Marvel-saturated…

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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation

    I'm so glad Barry Levinson's rich, white, able-bodied son had a daughter, discovered women exist and decided to tell their story!!!


    My gut says that general audiences aren't *actually* going to fall for this, but after sitting in an TIFF audience that was primed for it, screamed bloodthirstily in favour of mob violence after the scene denouncing it and then gave it a standing ovation, I'm still gonna have to say it: Dickheads are always going to try to…

  • Shiri


    You wouldn't understand; with your cheese, cola and hamburgers.