Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★½

Nominated for:
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best International Feature
Best Directing
Best Picture

“It didn’t sound like he was lying…
I don’t know if it’s the truth, but he was telling you what was true to him.. I can tell. Because I grew up among liars. I had to discern it or I couldn’t survive.”

That Saab giving me a cerebral hemorrhage, why the car so sexy? 
Kinda crazy how the opening credits started 40 minutes into the runtime? Ryosuke Hamaguchi a menace for that. Never seen a Hamaguchi movie before, but somehow it met my expectations of both being very well made, intriguing and also a bit boring.. while the pacing isn’t bad the massive runtime and somber feel can be too much for some viewers I think.

I definitely enjoyed the experience, It took some interesting turns, using subversion in a earned way and not for shock value. Haven’t read the short story by Murakami, but I do know of his work. There’s courage in making something like this without some trick or distraction for the audience. It makes you feel distant but also exposed to everything going on. It feels surreal while being very grounded to the themes of grief, loss and acceptance. 

The cinematography is of course great and especially the camerawork, very fluid. Any movie taking on subject matters like this will be felt by many but this was a rather strange experience, I felt weirdly calm afterwards.. I think the movie made me feel content about an array of subjects.. I’m not sure how to explain it without spoiling some very important aspects of the movie.

While I definitely want The Worst Person in The World to win Best International.. This might just deserve it more, I think this could open doors for experimental and poetic filmmaking for many people.. and yes the runtime is intimidating and it’s not much comedy or ”action” it’s a deep dive into some really uncomfortable and real shit.

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