Hustle ★★★

“But are you obsessed?”

This is an NBA 2K MyStory.. just missing my 7.0ft Shooting Guard character build that’s about to average 55.2ppg 10.2rpg & 14.9apg’s in his rookie season.. and somehow still lose ROTY.. 

The movie is fine, I do have some issues.. The beginning feels like a commercial for the 76ers.. And it’s like Adam Sandler just hangs out at basketball courts now and links up with NBA players to make movies, which is fun.. the movie is also produced by Lebron James, I guess he was more focused on this than making the playoffs.. The use of music felt really out of place at times.. Sandler & Queen Latifah’s chemistry was way off for some reason too.. actually everything regarding the family dynamic was kinda weird. The camerwork is pretty generic, not bad, but nothing noticeable either, technically sufficient I’d say.. and of course professional athletes suck ass at acting, that’s a given. (Exceptions: Boban Marjanovic & Anthony Edwards.)

I still think the movie is worth a watch, Sandler is great, there’s some good scenes scattered through as well.. and I do like basketball so that definitely made it a lot more enjoyable.

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