Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet ★★★★½

Holy. Fuck. Dennis. Hopper. The villain in this film is maybe the best and most disturbing villain that I have seen in a film. Ever. All of the films. The character is so horrifyingly disturbed, and inappropriately hilarious and quotable. The setting of the movie in a small town seems to completely contrast another great David Lynch film, Mulholland Drive and it's LA setting. Blue Velvet also seems entirely different to that in its approach to storytelling, being much more linear, yet just as weird. The film makes you care so much for Isabella Rossellini's character and the situation that she is in. Maybe a bit less so for Kyle MacLachlan's, but maybe that's expected. A couple of parts of the film seemed underdeveloped, it gave an impression of being a cut down version of a longer original story. But it still controlled my attention throughout, being a hugely intriguing thriller with an incredible antagonist, who maybe was dumbed down a tad for his final scene.

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