Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★

Takes close to an hour to reveal the specific structural gambit that will carry it through the next two-plus -- meanwhile, the macro of the entire thing taken with that prologue bridges the gap between Hamaguchi's shorts and more extensive features and provides a synthesis of the two forms -- yet it never ceases to find new ways of communication through its various conversations rather than the approach growing too stale. Went in under the impression that this was a two-hander between Kafuku and Watari, yet it is how the rehearsals, driving and other interactions intersect and weave together that makes this the work it is, with that second stretch spent with Takutsuki making for the most entrancing portion.

At the moment, I'd say that Fortune and Fantasy is the better film of his two this year, a result of both my unfamiliarity with Chekhov beyond the concept of his gun and the fact that the former film was a virtual screening and so I had the benefit of being able to immediately return to some sequences and take another look. However, as I wrote for that, this is just as capable of simple moments being delivered with a meteoric weight attached them, none moreso than those cigarettes hanging out of the sunroof, wafting in the night sky.

What a year for Hamaguchi.

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