Upgrade ★★★★

A sci-fi body horror film set in the near future about a man who gets a chip implanted into his neck after being paralysed. Said chip can then control his body to do different things up to and including martial arts.

This is a violent film, there's a lot of blood and gore from the various fight scenes, but it's realistic and not over the top like you'd expect. The goriest scene is actually the surgery scene where the protagonist first gets the implant, it made me nauseous watching it.

The stunt choreography is well done, there's a lot of fast movement and everything comes together to look like a realistic version of how robotic people would fight, if that makes sense.

Logan Marshall-Green excels in the lead role here, there are moments when he's paralysed so he's having to act without using his arms or legs, then again where he's letting the implant take over so he's having to act like a robot would - each varying level of control that the chip has over his character is played slightly differently. There are elements of black comedy and his character has a sarcastic edge in places but he manages to pull it off without seeming smug like the trap other actors fall prey to.

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