Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

This is a properly curious film. Very much made in the spirit of the original Star Wars films (boys own cowboy/western adventure) yet also feeling slightly empty. And definitely a million miles away from either a typical Ron Howard or Lord/Miller film.

Structurally it's all a bit obvious. The introduction of characters, order of set pieces and plot choices towards the end are entirely predictable. However you can definitely sit back and relax into a safe franchise entry. Glover is the clear highlight yet even he doesn't make the sort of impression that the trailers suggested he might.

Bethany isn't given enough to work with in the 'baddie' role. And the less said about the weak writing of female characters, the better.

The most surprising element here though is Solo himself. All the pre-release gossip seemed to be suggestion that Ehrenreich was miscast. Not true. He not only has the look but also the swagger of Ford (who himself is hardly any De Niro!).

Sure, there's nothing iconic being generated here. But there's an entertaining 2 hours to be had. And that 'ain't so bad.