Us ★★★★

Perhaps a little over-hyped but definitely the most intelligent home invasion film out there.

The analogies / metaphores are written with such exquisite nuance. And even though some of the 'twists' are not buried too deep (hell, arguably some of this is right there in plain sight within the marketing) the delicate audacity in which they are pulled off is a joy to watch. There's some hilarious moments within the terror too ('Alexa, call the police'). You'll never hear 'I've got 5 on it' the same way again - there's a version in the film that's even creepier than the one used in the trailer.

Peele is clearly on fire (the shot composition is a step up from Get Out). Lupita Nyong'o the guiding light. Although credit to Elizabeth Moss too.

A film that never once spells out its message but leaves you in no doubt as to what it's saying.

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