Captain Marvel ★★★

I had high hopes for Marvels first solo women super hero film sadly the writers have given her a very lacklustre feature. Part space opera part buddy movie, it all kinds of grinds to a halt when the setting moves to Earth. Maybe we’ve got used to Marvel films getting bigger so to find one that takes a step back unbalances us, regardless I just found myself bored wanting more action or a better story. It all felt a bit cheap sadly with no real bad guy & a fairly pointless use on Ronan The Accuser?! 
Brie is great don’t get me wrong, she will make a great captain Marvel when they know how to use her, which is also a big question with someone so powerful (the big plot hole remains, why hasn’t Fury called upon her till Thanos great snap/dusting) . A mediocre Marvel film I won’t be rushing to rewatch 
Sadly more Captain Meh-vel
3 😼😼😼Goose The Cat out of 5

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