Eternals ★★★★

Myth, history, and ancient aliens are among the primary elements to make up Marvel’s The Eternals, a mostly panned film that treats it’s central characters in kind to Watchmen.

It’s tonally darker and more “grown up” than any previous entry, and isn’t really handled at all like a superhero movie or a big actioner. It’s got long stretches of dialogue and ponderous gazes out into the sunset/sunrise/night. It’s got morally grey characters who make decisions for themselves first and foremost.
Each of The Eternals are flawed in ways that were believable to me. And each of them made decisions for themselves that made sense to me.

To be completely frank, I don’t get the hate this received. I see the parts that people avidly picked apart for whatever reason but I had no problems with this one from beginning to end.

I guess you might say I really enjoyed this.

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