American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

I studied abroad in Australia from July to November 2016. I wasn't in America for the most tumultuous months leading up to the presidential election, and thankfully enough, I was almost as far away as possible. I really do feel that that distance helped soften the blow—a blow that had been building up for 16 months—and yet the sociocultural influence of the United States remained inescapable. While that’s partially to attribute to social media and the surrealist nature of 21st century politics, it also has to do with people’s wanting to get angry about something, regardless of its foundations in any ideologies. It's a party every four years on our soil, a prison riot of national proportions that spills from sea to shining sea, and you won’t know until you get to the water whether the rainbows on the surface will be a pride flag or an oil spill. Thankfully, Andrea Arnold's first film on this side of the pond came at just the right time.

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