Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★½

At this point in time after more than ten films it is clear that Marvel Studios isn't going to make a terrible movie. They have mastered the art of pulling together excellent casts under a capable director with top notch production values and a screenplay that effortlessly blends drama, comedy, and thrills. With all that known, we can rest easy going into a new Marvel film knowing that at the bare minimum you're going to get a competent, well-made movie.

The problem now though is for the film to have something more to make it truly memorable and unfortunately 'Doctor Strange' didn't have that for me. I enjoy the mystical side of things depicted and was dazzled by the wild visuals throughout but at no point was I truly swept up into the adventure. When these movies truly work I walk out of the theater feeling like a little kid again wanting to have the powers I saw on screen. But in this case I was more caught up thinking about how I bored I was with yet another origin story and all of its tropes (make way for another dead mentor!).

I like Cumberbatch in the role though and look forward to seeing more of him in it in future films.

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