Eternals ★★★★

Lemme just start by saying that the notion that this is somehow "the worst" movie in the MCU according to it's Rotten Tomatoes scores is only further proof that Rotten Tomatoes is a terrible way to look at film criticism. It is honestly LAUGHABLE if you think what Chloe Zhao has put on screen here is somehow lesser than the number of fun but hollow entries that only serve to advertise future movies in the franchise. From my perspective, what Zhao delivered here is a fascinating look at truly godlike creatures grasping with their place in this world and ultimate destiny. It is a film full of genuine twists, beautiful imagery, and a remarkable cast.
Sure there are moments of subpar CGI work and the material would have probably been better suited for a miniseries, but I had a wonderful time getting to know these characters and their place in the vast Marvel universe and look forward to meeting them again soon.

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