Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

What a beautiful way to end this masterpiece of a trilogy. These past 3 days have been some of the best movie experiences of my life. The Before Trilogy is a movie trilogy unlike any other. A truly real and insightful portrayal of love over specific periods of time. The first spark of love, the reunion and the eventual marriage along with all the problems that come with life. Never has a film series in my opinion, talked so deeply and honestly about love, life and all the harsh realities.

Before Midnight is a lot different from it's previous two installments. No longer about youthfulness and the search for love, but instead our film couple has gotten married, had kids and is now trying to deal with their past decisions and still contain that same love for each other. It's brutally honest with it's message and gives you a glimpse of what you might go through when you commit to someone. The ending left me in tears and there's not a lot of movies that can do that to me. This whole film could be summed up with one line.

"If you want love, then this is it. This is real life. It's not perfect but it's real."

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