Dunkirk ★★★★★

Dunkirk is, in my opinion, Christopher Nolan's most unique film ever. An adrenaline rush of a film, but also a frightening and realistic portrayal of war with different perspectives to it all. The fact that they don't even show the enemy soldiers, makes it more terrifying as you don't even see the other side of the war. This is Nolan's 2nd most visually stunning film, just behind Interstellar. Hoyte van Hoytema's cinematography is gorgeous and with Hans Zimmer's beautiful score, the movie thrusts you into this battlefield where you feel everything the characters are going through.

There isn't really a "star" in Dunkirk, but it's more, characters just trying to survive in something that's bigger than them. And that works because Dunkirk is all about feeling what these soldiers went through and how difficult it was. Comparing it to Mad Max: Fury Road wouldn't be wrong as both movies are more about the adrenaline rush and quickly establishing characters. Oh, and Tom Hardy wearing something over his mouth. I also saw it with my mom this time and she loved it.

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