Unpregnant ★★★★

***-***-**** (Sorry guys that's my phone number but it's in a code that only Haley Lu Richardsons can break.)

This was so insanely My Thing that I couldn't help but love it. This film had the double misfortune of being made around the same time as Never Rarely Sometimes Always and being an HBO Max release. This and Eliza Hittman's movie couldn't be more different in tone or execution, but their concepts being exactly the same meant that whichever one was released later would naturally become the awkward twin sister. And this is a fantastic debut original for a new streaming service, but without HBO Max having a huge base yet, it's not getting the hype it deserves. Just the casual gay rep in this deserves so much more chatter than it's getting. I mean, this would be the movie of the MONTH if it was Netflix was handling it. Barbie Ferreira and Haley Lu Richardson both have charisma through the roof, and they prop up their characters' more cliché moments with such life. The plot is bonkers, hitting so many different genres and tones, and while some suspense of disbelief is definitely needed, the flow is never interrupted. There were some scenes that could have used just a bit more energy or packed a bit more of a punch, and all the plot acrobatics involving the boyfriend could have been simplified, but this is such undiluted fun that its flaws are easy to overlook. Overall, this was great, and it settles perfectly into the lineup of modern teen comedy classics.