Titane ★★★★

Yes, this movie is "wild" but that's kind of the point. Ducournau purposely moves us from transgression to transformation to transcedence. It's a film that's purposefully pushing against boundaries and operating at the extremes to tell an uncommonly sweet story about love and acceptance. That may seem oddly sincere in a movie where a woman has sex with a car, but those "out there" scenes further serve to emphasize Alexia's discomfort with the world she inhabits. The film pushes boundaries from its opening scene where Alexia gets a titanium plate in her head, thus blurring the boundaries between human and machine, and the film is constantly questioning and moving across boundaries through the remainder of its story. And yet where it ends up is a place of love--love requires us to transform and move away from where we're comfortable to feel truly accepted and safe even in our darkest, most terrifying moments. For all the craziness Ducournau packs in, there's really something beautiful under the hood.

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