Jaws ★★★★★

I finally got to go back to a theater today. Seeing Jaws in the theater was not only magical because I haven't been to a movie since March, but because Jaws has been a film I've adored since childhood. It was a legendary film to me, and I desperately wanted to watch it until finally at age nine, my dad let me see it. I had spent the past two years reading shark books at the library, trying to find any section they had on Jaws, and I had only one trailer to get me hyped up to see it. So, once I finally did see it, I loved it.

Even at age nine, I knew that something about it was timeless. The music, the acting, the direction, the screenplay, the sound design, the cinematography, and almost every single little thing about this film makes it a masterpiece to watch. My father, who doesn't like movies, told me while I watched it for the first time, that it was a perfect film, with a perfect cast, a perfect theme, and that it came out at the perfect time. I believed, and still believe him.

You all know why it's great, and so do I. Jaws is a classic. It's a film that has impacted and intrigued me for almost my entire life, and I can't wait for the day I can introduce it to someone who hasn't seen it. Sitting in that almost empty theater today was amazing. It was a completely immersive experience. The creaks of the ship, the splashes of water, and the notes of Williams' score were engrossingly amplified. I sat there and smiled like a big baby. It was a glorious experience that I'm lucky I got to witness.

Jaws will hopefully continue to entertain me to the day I die. I don't think there's been anything like it before or since. It resides in it's own section between a B-Movie and a masterpiece of cinema. I love it wholeheartedly, and if you haven't seen it, which I doubt, I say to you, "What are you doing? Go watch it now!"

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