Manhunter ★★★★½

As part of my quest to cross directors off of my Great Director Blindspot list, I watched Manhunter so I could remove Michael Mann from that list.

While watching this I couldn't help but think of another 80's classic: Blade Runner. Like Blade Runner, Manhunter takes a genre film and imbues it with grace as well as thrills. These films aren't afraid to prioritize atmosphere and take their time, and make a mark with their evocative synth scores. A film like Manhunter really has no business being as good and artful as it is. It succeeds as a stylish thriller without sacrificing intelligence or subtext. The stark sets, emphasis on symmetry, and disorienting jump cuts make Manhunter a movie to marvel at while tensing up in your seats. Gets cheesy and too self-indulgent at points, but this is really a great film.

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