Parasite ★★★★★

Bong Joon-ho is a comedic genius and I feel like we don’t give him enough credit for that.

Btw, I’m just kinda always watching this movie. Sometimes I watch it all the way through, sometimes just sections, sometimes just one scene on repeat. I love music and I realize there are a handful of films that are more like favorite albums to me. This is one of them. Others include The Lobster, The Big Lebowski, The Life Aquatic, The Meyerowitz Stories, L’argent, Lady Bird. (Yes, the letter “L”, idk why.)   

Every single part of this film is perfect. Individually and as part of the whole. Which is impossible, but, like, somehow still exists. Every time I watch it I find some new brilliant detail or line or connection. Every Frame a Painting? Yes. But also, Every Moment a Cinematic Masterpiece. (Sounds way more awkward, but you get my point.) 

Like that moment when the camera follows the mug as he’s about to take a drink but the mom interrupts and the camera stops and tracks back? CINEMATIC EUPHORIA.
If you love Parasite and haven’t seen Barking Dogs Never Bite, you should check it out. Might not be for everyone, but I loved it. It’s on Hulu.


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