Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

The first things that are impossible to ignore about Call Me By Your Name are the gorgeous cinematography, awesome clothes, and just general lovely tone set by filming a movie in northern Italy during summer with well-off people with nothing better to do.

I think what really stands out, though, is the screenplay, which won a justified Oscar rather than a lifetime achievement one. Ivory's work here is so authentic and beautiful without ignoring the complications of the age gap and their different worlds. I can 100% see how this movie can tear someone's heart out because even if you don't speak three languages and play multiple instruments and wear cool jean shorts (all more rare than being gay fyi) there's real relatability here and deep emotion that isn't shortcutted with the usual character development and clever meet-cutes. Chalamet's Elio does silly and dumb things and sometimes jumps out of character in the way we all do when we're dealing with new scary emotions. It's a beautiful story and one I wish I had seen as a teenager.

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