Justice League

Justice League ★½

"I tried"

To be fair, you did, but some things are not enough. Well here we are again folks. Just when 'Wonder Women' got things back on tracks for DC, now it takes a huge step back. With the many re shoots which somehow made the movie much worst. It's not a disaster like 'Suicide Squad', but with each failure of DC films makes 'Man of Steel' look pretty good by each flop.

Okay lets talk about the actual movie.

Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller were the two stand outs for me. All the scenes were pure gold and featured the most interesting action sequences in the film. While I didn't find any of his jokes or awkward personality that funny, I actually did like Ezra Miller as Flash. Jason Momoa as Aquaman was too awesome to handle. I'm looking forward to seeing both solo films in the late future.

Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck were pretty decent. Although, Affleck at times looked like he doesn't wants to be there. I don't know why Batman is cracking jokes all of the sudden. Almost like it's not the same character. Just leave the jokes to characters who aren't Batman to make fun of his seriousness or something. I don't know, maybe he's fed up with it all.

Oh and if the DCEU finally got something right, it's Superman. Bright colors on the suit and isn't a whiny hypocrite, like before.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg is sadly the weak link in the film. I didn't feel the character was used to his full potential. The actor or the writing isn't the blame here; editor is the blame, because I've heard he had a bigger role in the movie that got cut.

A lot of behind the scenes drama happened during the production of this movie and it shows. I'm fully aware of what happened with Zack Snyder daughter and why he had to leave the project before it was completed. And Joss Whedon stepping in to finish the final cut. I'm interested in seeing Snyder cut, to be honest. Because what we got still needs working on.

This is the least Snyder movie I've seen.

Here's the problem - This is the first time we've seen Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg on screen, which on its own is crazy to think. I mean, this is Justice League. I repeat, JUSTICE LEAGUE. The dream team of the decade with DC mighty heroes coming together for the first time. How incredible is that? Remember how big "The Avengers" was and how it broke records. This and Star Wars should have been event movie of the year.

So what's the rush?

Even after seeing Justice League, I got nothing out of it. There was never that moment of excitement. No steaks, no emotion. Coming from a guy who isn't too familiar with comics, the film disappointed me. At least give some information or an introduction to the new members. You know, for me to care.

I'm sorry for bringing up Marvel and Avengers a lot, but it's hard not to. It's so obvious DC is trying so hard to catch up with Marvel, even the plot is similar.

Steppenwolf is a boring villain with by the books "I'm evil" motivations. What makes it worst is the terrible CGI on him and a faceless army he brings along for the heroes to fight. The visual effects itself looks awful and I still don't know who dose the effects for these movies.

The humor is so bad. Really force and trying too hard. The movie is edited to make room for audience to laugh. A shame it only slow the film down. You can tell everyone who worked on this were under pressure to make something for all audiences. The end result is a jumbled mess of a film with no real vision.

What's more sad is Danny Elfman's forgettable score. There's a scene involving Commissioner Gordon lighting up the Batman signal, and you see in his point of view of Batman himself looking down on him. At that moment you hear a familiar tune for a split second until it cuts off. At first I thought it was a re-use of Elfman's score. What I didn't know he did the freaking score.

Overall rating: Everything I said about 'MOS', I'll take back please.

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