Megan Is Missing

You know what I don't get in this movie, why can't they freaking text each other more than use Skype all the time? Teenagers don't do that. I know they go on Skype, but not all the freaking time!

Meagan is Missing is a horrible movie - there I said it and it's true. This movie is not that good as some people are putting it out to be. The reason why people are defending this movie is because it's mostly the fact that the movie advertise it's self as a "real shocking found footage film", even when these scenes where I can hear the director in the background saying "cut" at the beginning of each scene. These another scene where there go to this party and there's really loud music going off in the background and you know in these found footage films where music is playing in the background and when the camera will cut away the music will also cut away, but I'm not kidding you here every time the camera cuts away the music wouldn't audio drop, how on earth can you f**k that up. Oh one last thing I want to bring up at the party scene where everybody at the party is suppose to be smoking weed and everybody's having a good time even when they didn't lit it or inhale it.

I'm getting pretty sick and tried of people defending this movie giving it such high ratings that doesn't even deserve it. I know I'm coming off really tough on this movie, but that's called being honest and it looks like I have to be the one naming off the flaws that seemed to be overlooked by many. Don't get stress or angry with me for a movie that wasn't even trying to be something great in the first place.

The acting was horrible, the director had no sense on reality when it comes to teenagers and what their do or say.

Now the last couple of minutes of the film that's suppose to be "real footage", and I'm not going to believe that because most of it feels set up or a better way to sum it up "fake". At one point in this "real footage" a girl get's raped and I don't know about you but I swear to god she was smiling and looks like she's kind of laughing during it. I'm not pulling your leg here, it's actually in the damn movie and it's so noticeable. I know people are going to bring up the footage file thing that the two girls recorded themselves on Skype but the last time I checked Skype doesn't have a native or built in feature to record calls. You need to install a separate software or an add-on in order to save your audio or video conversations. And if they did recorded all that then they computer files most have no more room for storage.

Overall rating: If you like this movie that's fine good for you, but for me this movie was freaking terrible and unrealistic.

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